Packages are referenced by a handle of the form OWNER/NAME.
Team packages include a prefix, TEAM:OWNER/NAME.


A README.md is recommended at the root of every package. README files support full markdown syntax via remarkable. READMEs are rendered to HTML on the package landing page.

Short hashes

Commands that take hashes support "short hashes", up to uniqueness. In practice, 6-8 characters is sufficient to achieve uniqueness.
quilt install uciml/iris -x da2b6f
# matches da2b6f56f323b11f7ebe2e32fd3a920e82842aaf0d52fc48eeb1e20f470e66c7

Instances, hashes, tags, and versions

  • A package instance is a package handle plus a hash. akarve/sales:fc7f0b is an instance. Instances are immutable.
  • Hashes are automatically generated by Quilt for each package build.
  • Tags are human-readable strings associated with a package instance. Tags can be altered to point to different instances of the same package. The most recent build is automatically tagged "latest".
  • Versions are human-readable strings associated with a package instance. Unlike tags, versions can only ever point to a single package instance.
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