Quilt Teams offer enhanced security, auditing, and privacy. Only team members can read and write data to and from the team. Teams are controlled by one or more admins who have access to a special web interface where they can audit data usage, add new members, and more.

Technically, a Quilt team is a dedicated, single-tenant registry with a private package namespace. Teams also feature their own web catalog (accessible only to team members), similar to

To create your own Quilt team, contact Quilt.

Command line API

Team members have access to the standard command line API with the following differences and additional features.

quilt login

Authenticate to team registry:

quilt login TEAM

quilt build|push|install

Team users should prefix package handles with the team namespace:

quilt build|push|install TEAM:USER/PKG

quilt push visibility

  • quilt push --team makes a package visible to everyone on your team

  • quilt push --public is currently disabled for team packages

quilt access

To make a package visible to your entire team:

quilt access add TEAM:USER/PKG team

Public visibility is not yet supported for team packages.

quilt user list

List users and associated metadata for your team.

quilt user list TEAM

quilt user create

Add a team member.

quilt user create TEAM USERNAME EMAIL

quilt user disable

Disable a team member.

quilt user disable TEAM USERNAME

quilt user reset-password

Send a user a reset-password email.

quilt user reset-password TEAM USERNAME

quilt audit

Audit events relating to a user or package.

quilt audit USER_OR_PACKAGE

Import and use data

from import PKG