Known limitations

By design, Quilt is backed by Amazon S3 and scales to billions of objects and petabytes of data. The underlying limitations of S3 apply.
The Quilt catalog can browse packages and S3 buckets of any size.

Catalog push

To ensure usability and quick package pushes, the Quilt web catalog imposes the following limits on pushes (which vary depending on whether the multipart checksums are enabled on the stack). These limits do not apply to the quilt3 Python API.
Max (classic / multipart checksums)
Package manifest size (metadata)
100 MiB
Package size (data; via promotion or from an S3 directory)
100 GiB / 10 TiB
Total size of uploaded files (soft limit)
20 GB
Total size of files from S3 (soft limit)
50 GB / 10 TB
Maximum file size
10 GiB / 5 TiB
Maximum number of files per push (soft limit)
Maximum number of files per push (hard limit)


As of this writing, with sufficient client-side memory, you can comfortable scale Quilt packages to at least one million objects per package, with no practical limit on object size (save S3's 5 TB per object limit). A fast network, or better yet an AWS compute instance in the same region as your Quilt S3 buckets, is recommended.