Working with files

Every S3 bucket attached to Quilt has a "Bucket" tab in the Catalog that displays all files in the bucket.

If desired, this tab can be hidden.


To create a package that includes multiple files from different directories in a single S3 bucket, or even across different S3 buckets attached to Quilt, you can browse and create a "bookmark" of chosen files. Select files by checking the box and clicking "Add to bookmarks". You can also navigate to a specific file and bookmark an individual file by clicking "Add to bookmarks".

Open the Bookmarks pane (listed in the User account menu) and optionally create a new package from the bookmarked files.

Text editor

Inline editing of plain text, Markdown, JSON and YAML file formats is supported.

New text files can be created individually in editable file formats. To create one, click the «kebab» menu (three vertical dots) located in the far-right, above the file browser. Choose a file name and format (the default is, enter your content, and click save.

Working with Amazon S3 Glacier storage classes

Glacier storage classes are built for data archiving. Quilt is compatible with S3 bucket lifecycle rules that transition S3 objects to Glacier storage classes.

There are currently three types of S3 object archive storage class that work differently with the Quilt Catalog, quilt3 CLI and Python API.

  1. S3 Glacier Instant Retrieval: Objects in this storage class are available as normal in the Bucket and Packages tabs in the Quilt Catalog.

  2. S3 Glacier Flexible Retrieval (formerly S3 Glacier): Objects are not immediately available and appear "grayed out" in the Catalog.

  3. S3 Glacier Deep Archive: Objects are not immediately available and appear "grayed out" in the Catalog.

Previewing a specific "glacierized" S3 object returns an "Object Archived: Preview not available" message. To successfully preview the S3 object, you need to restore it first.

The AWS Glacier service is rapidly evolving and may impact the functionality of the Quilt Catalog and/or API.

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